The economic downturn is also affecting artists, Do a Google search on "cut funding arts 2009" and you will see that all over the world, cuts are being made to funding the arts.

In my efforts to complete my latest film, Carl Panzram, I am placing a call out to my fans, and anyone else interested in the arts, to contribute toward the cause of completing my latest film. I have received many emails from people all over the world asking when Panzram will be complete. With your assistance, Panzram can be completed by late 2009/early 2010.

Contributions can be cash, video/lighting/sound equipment, gift cards, plane tickets, anything really. If you contribute cash via pay pal, that is the quickest way for me to complete Carl Panzram. Anything is appreciated even if it is one dollar or more. Cash contributions of $100.00 and over will receive a personalized, autographed DVD of HH Holmes or Albert Fish as well as your name listed in the end credits of Panzram. Purchasing DVD's from the official film sites is another way of contributing.

Send cash in USD via pay pal to: john@johnborowski.com - Make sure to include any relevant information such as your name and email address.

Mail anything to: John Borowski, P.O. Box 564484, Chicago, IL 60656.

Some fans have already made contributions. I thank you and everyone else in advance for your contributions.

If a gift of one dollar sparked a friendship between Carl Panzram and his jail guard Henry Lesser, then a gift of one dollar from many people all around the world can help complete my film on Carl Panzram.

Tell others, the more people who contribute, the quicker Panzram is completed. Thank you.
- John Borowski, filmmaker.